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PDK is a local gathering flavored with Southern tradition. The locally-owned casual eatery serves a fresh take on Southern favorites with its signature chicken and waffles, delicious shrimp and grits, and PDK burger dishes. Unique treats line the cupboards of PDK’s open pantry and marketplace where friends can find home-grown produce and local favorite treats as well. Located at in Bellevue at One Bellevue Place and also in Mt. Juliet at Providence, PDK is open daily for lunch and dinner. To view the menu or peruse the online pantry, visit pdksouthernpantry.com.


Being good community partners is at the heart of our mission so be sure to ask about our how to partner with us and become a community partner. Although we have several options for partnership, we most often partner thru our Gather for Good Program where we partner with local non-profits and schools to host spirit nights to support your local cause. To become a Gather for Good Partner, please visit our "pantry partners" page to apply. To view the menu or peruse the online pantry, visit pdksouthernpantry.com


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